Can Anybody Sing?

How To Sing High Notes

In order to learn how to sing high notes you must take the right approach. The technique used to sing high notes is actually much more simple than most people tend to think, and that is why it is so difficult for so many singers. In reality, high notes take less effort than low notes. When using the proper approach to high notes, you should feel them being released with ease. Thousands of beginner singers simply have the wrong idea about singing high notes which is the idea that you need to squeeze out those high pitched sounds. That statement can't be any more false. It is absolutely NOT true that you need to squeeze or force out high notes. The higher pitches are a result of the stretching out and thinning of your vocal cords as you ascend the scale.

Think of your vocal cords like they are rubberbands. If you wrap a rubberband around your fingers and flick it, a sound will be produced. Then, if you were to stretch the rubberband out even more you will notice it gets thinner. Now if you flick it, an even higher pitched sound will be produced. This is very similar to what happens to your vocal cords when you sing high notes. Well, of course I should say that is what is supposed to happen without the addition of tension and strain caused by trying too hard to force the sounds out. The stretching and thinning is the only thing that needs to take place, you don't need to add a whole bunch of extra effort with all of the muscles in your neck. This misconception is often what leads to a strained sound which greatly reduces your tone quality. By understanding the idea of simply stretching and thinning your vocal cords as you sing high notes, you can increase your vocal range and improve your vocal tone quality. Not only can you improve those two aspects of your voice by learning this new approach, but almost every single aspect of singing will drastically improve if you get this idea of not forcing or squeezing.

The absolute bottom foundation and key idea towards singing correctly is using only your vocal cords (and associated muscles that control the vocal cords) to sing. That may seem like a no-brainer, but the problem is that many singers cannot use only the muscles used to control the vocal cords as they attempt to sing high notes. As they go up the scale they reach a ceiling in their range where they can not sing higher without forcing it. This transition area, known as the vocal bridge, is where things tend to go wrong. You must learn to properly navigate through this transition period (without the use of extra and unecessary muscles) if you wish to sing high notes without strain. Learning to properly coordinate your vocal cords through this bridge will teach you to take off the extra weight as you enter a new "section" of your vocal range. If you cannot drop off that extra weight then you carry it with you into a part of your voice where you need freedom and natural release. To assist with the understanding of this concept, try this vocal fry exercise that is specifically designed to help singers find release into head voice. It is such a useful exercise for helping singers learn how to sing high notes without all of the extra pushing. The two previously mentioned articles also go into more details about how to get through that rough spot in your range known as the vocal bridge. The bridge is like a car engine shifting gears as it reaches higher speeds and power. This is similar to what occurs in your vocal cords as you sing high notes. If you can learn how to do this then you will unlock the full potential of your voice in a matter of time.

Once you begin to understand this new approach to singing higher you will immediately begin seeing drastic improvements and you will start getting much more out of each practice session. You will be looking back and laughing at your old voice as you sing into the higher ranges that you never thought you would ever be able to experience. Its like magic. Even some of the best magic tricks are actually very simple, and in this case, learning how to sing high notes is one of those easy magic tricks. However, the tricks can only be performed correctly by those who take the time to study and perfect them. If you wish you could sing higher, then absorb all of this and go practice with your new approach to vocal technique and you will be on your way to a brand new singing voice.