Can Anybody Sing?

Is Singing a Natural Talent?

It is very common for someone to believe that they weren't meant to be a singer - they just "weren't born with it." While singing does indeed come very easily to some people, singing does not have to be a natural talent. There is a big group of people to blame for this myth: the uneducated.

For someone to say "singing is a natural talent that you have to be born with" is like saying "basketball skills are a natural talent that you have to be born with." Tell Michael Jordan that it is a natural talent that you must be born with. You all know the story. Michael Jordan got CUT from his high school basketball team. He didn't take that very well so he began practicing all day every single day. Then he made the team. Then he earned a spot on one of the most prestigious college basketball teams in the nation. Then he was drafted to the NBA and went down in history as one of the best to ever play the game. Basketball skills aren't a natural talent that you have to be born with, and singing is not a natural talent that you must be born with either. Although again, singing does come to some people more easily than others, but that doesn't mean you can't learn how to sing. Anyone can learn how to sing good by using proven and effective vocal exercises that automatically train your voice to make singing as easy as talking.

Why do so many people falsely believe singing is a natural talent?

There is something else to blame: the pop culture's hit show "American Idol." The show is designed for entertainment, it is a business. How do they get money? They sell all of the inexperienced singers to America as a form of entertainment. Also realize that those singers are specifically chosen because they are the worst case scenarios of singers who don't know how to use their voice and have no control over pitch. That can be changed.

Back to the uneducated. People who don't know anything about singing will say that all of those bad American Idol auditioners are tone deaf. If you think they are all tone deaf then I am glad you are reading this. They aren't tone deaf. They just don't know how to use their voice. Tone deafness is actually very rare (if you have pitch problems then you need to read how to sing in key for pitch exercises). The real problem is a lack of vocal knowledge; they may have plenty of potential talent, but do not know how to maximize it or even discover it. I was in the same spot as those "tone deaf singers." Anybody who heard me sing would immediately point the finger and label me as "tone deaf." I am NOT tone deaf. When I met famous vocal coach Brett Manning, he took me through some pitch evaluation exercises and it was clear that I was not tone deaf at all; I just didn't know how to use my voice. I could hear the melody and pitches perfectly clear in my head, but as soon as I tried to translate it into vocals, I didn't know HOW to do it - therefore it appeared as if I was tone deaf.

So the next time you hear a singer that you would label as "tone deaf," think again. They probably just don't know how to use their voice.

Does having a good sounding voice have anything to do with singing being a natural talent?

Now for the second part of these "bad singers." Not only can they not sing on pitch, but their voices sound ugly. You can also blame that on a lack of vocal knowledge. Better sound color is created when the correct muscles are used for the correct vocal coordinations which produce a free and natural sound. Anybody can learn how to sing with these coordinations; they are all natural coordinations that your voice is designed to do. It is very true that all of our voices are unique in one way or another (that is how we are able to tell the difference between two individual's voices), however, don't let the current sound of your voice bring your hopes down. You will never know what your true and natural singing voice sounds like unless you learn to sing with correct vocal technique. Don't give up before you discover your true voice. It is a talent that can be developed if you practice singing with proven and effective vocal exercises.

The key to solving all of this is obviously to work with a qualified vocal instructor, but beware, not all vocal instructors are good. Some teach different methods - some are good and some are not. Be very careful while choosing a vocal trainer. With correct vocal technique and instruction, ANYBODY can learn how to sing. A good vocal trainer will be able to prove to you that singing does not have to be a natural talent.

With all of this said, please do not let people tell you that singing is a natural talent, that it is something you have to be born with, or that all of those famous singers were "meant to be singers."

There are some people who have a natural inclination towards learning and mastering certain things, but that doesn't mean they are the only ones who can do it. That just means the other people might have to work a little harder, but it can still definitely be done. In this case with singing, yes some people have a natural inclination towards learning how to use their voice at a young age, but that doesn't mean that you can't do it just because you didn't master it when you were a kid. Singing is not a natural talent that you MUST be born with; it can be learned by anybody.

Someone who has been singing for 2 years with correct vocal technique can be better than someone who has been singing with incorrect technique for their entire life. Anybody can learn how to sing, it is just a matter of discovering the correct way to use your vocal instrument.

I repeat, while singing can be a natural talent for some people, it is still true that anybody can learn how to sing!