Can Anybody Sing?
How To Become A Singer

How To Become A Singer

With the introduction of the internet and mass communication it is now possible for anybody to get their voice heard and become a singer. We are going to show you how to become a singer by following the guideline listed below as we go into detail about how to properly accomplish each step with success. We guarantee you that this is the best and most information packed guide on how to become a singer currently available on the internet. The best part... its 100% free. Nobody should have to pay for this life-changing information. I strongly believe that if you want to learn how to become a singer then you deserve to read this guide for free. If you are willing to put in the hard work and dedication towards chasing your dreams then with our help you are about to learn how to become a singer.

You will learn how to become a singer by completing the following steps:

    How to professionally train your voice.
    How to write songs your fans will never forget.
    How to create an image as an artist.
    How to build a singer/band website.
    How to grow your fan base.
    How to sell your music on iTunes
When correctly executed, these 6 steps are the secret recipe for success for those of you who want to learn how to become a singer. Hundreds of thousands of people dream about becoming a singer, but only an extremely small percentage of those people actually get a taste of the spotlight. We are providing you with the resources that will allow you to "cut in line" ahead of hundreds of thousands of singing-hopefuls and give you the best shot possible at becoming one of those few people that strike gold after following this secret recipe for success.

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Introduction of How To Become A Singer.

Every famous singer started out just like you. They were sitting at home wishing that they would one day hear their voice on the radio. They would attend a concert of their favorite singer and they would be there with their friends dreaming of being the singer on stage. At one point in the life of your favorite singer, he or she would lose sleep because they would stay up late at night fantasizing about being in the spotlight, writing songs that their fans would never forget, and connecting with thousands of people. They would feed on their dreams of wanting to become a singer. Music runs through the veins of the people like you. It is a desire so strong that you feel like you would do anything just to learn how to become a singer. I am sure your favorite singers felt the same before they were famous, and they used that drive to succeed. If you have that same drive and energy constantly trying to push you forward and accomplish your goals then I am confident that after completing the steps provided in this guide you will be in the best possible position to become a singer. Everybody starts out where you are right now. Many of your favorite famous singers used to be normal people just like you. They had dreams of becoming a singer and set out with one thing in mind, and didn't give up until they arrived at their destination. You can arrive at that same destination by using this online guide as your GPS with detailed directions and guidance. Your favorite singer had to start somewhere along their long journey to success, and where exactly did they start? They started right where you are and wondered the same thing, "how to become a singer."

"Once we get on the right track and start progressing we have nowhere to go but forward, and with time, we will reach our destination." - Founder,

1. How to professionally train your voice.

Many people think that they already know how to become a singer. They think all you need is an amazing voice and you will be signed to a record deal in no time. That is half true. If you have an exceptional voice then your chances of becoming a singer are obviously much higher, but there is more to the blueprint than just having a great voice. As you have probably heard at one point or another, a singer on the radio didn't have the best voice. That is because music is more than just a voice; it also involves lyrics, melody, messages, and emotions. However, since this section of our recipe is aimed at developing a singing voice, we will save all of those specific details for later. Lets first address your singing voice.

All humans are made of the same parts, and those parts generally work the same for everybody. For example, we all have lungs that work by inhaling oxygen, exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide, and then exhaling the carbon dioxide. Well, we also all have vocal cords that are operated the same in everybody. When we breathe, our vocal cords remain relaxed and air flows through the open space between the vocal cords and no sound is produced (that is why we breathe silently). However, when we talk or sing, muscles inside the larynx bring the vocal cords closer together to close the open space between them. This causes the air to push its way through the vocal cords causing them to vibrate. This vibration is the mechanism of sound production, and the speed of the vibration is what determines pitch (faster vibration means higher pitch, slower vibration means lower pitch). That is the basic process for sound and pitch production and it is very clear that anybody can do this! The problem is that some singers make it too difficult and add strain by using the incorrect muscles and coordinations for singing. If you want to learn how to become a singer then you must understand proper vocal technique. To become a singer you must understand that your voice is an instrument and you must learn to correctly use your voice as you would learn to correctly use an instrument. You don't just pick up a guitar and start plucking all of the strings like crazy; there is a technique to it. People tend to think that since our voices are part of our bodies then we either know how to use it or we don't. However, you must think of it like learning a new skill (any skill). Just because your voice sounds bad right now doesn't mean that you don't have talent or that your voice is no good. You are not a bad singer, you are simply an inexperienced singer. Those are two completely different things. Anybody can learn how to sing good, and you will never know what your true radio voice sounds like unless you listen to the following advice and learn how to professionally train your voice.

There is proven and effective vocal training system available to everybody, and it teaches you how to become a singer by using the same vocal techniques that are used by famous singers and celebrities. It is a vocal training system that teaches you how to discover your natural vocal tone by singing with ease; no more straining. Singers on the radio use a vocal technique based on the idea that singing should be as easy as talking, and in fact, the same basic vocal mechanisms used for speech should be utilized for singing. The only difference is increased compression, sustaining notes, larger pitch variations, more emotion, etc. However, the main concept still remains the same: singing should not be significantly different than talking. Your neck isn't about to exlpode when you speak, so it should not be near explosion while you sing (and many singers suffer from this straining). You don't clinch your fists and squeeze out each word when you are talking to a friend, so you should not take those actions while singing. To become a singer it is essential that you understand how to use your voice like the pure and natural instrument that it is. So how do you do this?

Brett Manning's Singing Success is a vocal training program, created by the famous Nashville vocal coach, that you can use to learn how to sing at home. The program utilizes vocal exercises, that when performed correctly, automatically train your voice to behave the way it is naturally intended to. By repeating these exercises, your muscle memory will begin to make these proper singing coordinations become second nature to you. Here is how these professional vocal exercises work: each exercise is specifically designed to engage certain muscles and disengage certain muscles. This means if you struggle with strain as a result of engaging the outer muscles of the larynx that create strain and tension, then you can perform one of the strain reduction exercises that can only be performed by NOT using those incorrect muscles. This will get you in the habit of only utilizing the corect muscles for singing. These various vocal exercises make it easier for you to learn how to become a singer with a radio-friendly vocal tone quality. You will also learn how to achieve a balanced mix voice which is the trademark commercial sounding vocal tone quality used by the majority of famous singers in today's music industry. You get hours of pre-recorded vocal lessons on CD that explain and correct all common mistakes made by singers. You will increase your vocal range, eliminate strain, master your mix voice, smooth out any breaks in your range, balance resonance, and learn how to sing with ease as you discover your true singing voice. Everybody has one - don't give up before you discover yours.

We stand on the shoulder's of the giants who have come before us. This means that our knowledge of vocal technique is extended from the individuals who have spent their entire lives researching the human voice and how it works for singing. All of that hard work has lead us to the discovery of the blueprint to the human voice. We now understand exactly how the vocal cords work as well as all of the details behind tone production. The science and teachings are available to everybody in Brett's vocal training program. Why would you ever try to learn how to become a singer on your own (or with an unqualified instructor) when you could easily access everything you need to know by trying out this vocal training program? Take advantage of the knowledge, expertise, and professional training that is currently available to you. If you really want to learn how to become a singer then don't try to take shortcuts; you will cheat yourself out of completely developing your character.

How to write songs your fans will never forget.

The perfect song makes every line hit you like a ton of bricks. Each line ends with you at the edge of your seat waiting to hear the next line. Every word of every line makes sense and fits into the picture frame; there is no clutter. No long lines or forced rhymes. The perfect song is a masterpiece that started with a main concept and was chiseled down into a work of art. The next step of how to become a singer is learning how to write songs that your fans will never forget. You will learn how to write songs that strike the heart so powerfully that the listener will log in to their iTunes account and download your song. So how do you write a song like this?

Write a story. Better yet, write a story that twists the mind of your listeners and keeps them on the edge of their seat. Beginner songwriters make the mistake of writing songs that lag along and lose the focus of the listener. You must learn how to become a singer who writes songs that hold the audience captive. You can do this with the power of story. Humans are creatures of great story; we read stories, tell stories, watch movies based on stories, and yes of course we also listen to music based on stories. A good story delivers a great message, and a great message invokes emotion whether it is sad, happy, empowering, etc. A great story will sell a thousand times over again and keep people coming back for more. You are going to learn how to become a singer that creates a supply of emotion for people to feed on; and they will pay for your food!

To write a song that captures your audience, you must introduce details that allow your listener to create their own replica of your story in their mind. You describe the situation with objects and senses, and then let your audience put themselves in the story however they wish to be involved. You are writing songs for real people with real feelings. You do not want to become a singer that makes music just for themselves (why would someone buy a song that you like?). People listen to music that they want to listen to, not what music you want to listen to. Lets get into some examples of how to become a singer that can write songs that your fans can picture in their head (allowing them to see the story how they wish to see it), as well as how to put an unexpected twist in your lyrics that will leave your audience "wow'ed."

The following lyrics are from Tim McGraw's "What She Left Behind":

She took the TV and the toaster
She took the curtains and the car
I guess she took for granted
I wouldn't take it very hard
And for someone in a hurry
She took her own sweet time
But it's not what she took that hurt
It's what she left behind

Those last two lines "its not what she took that hurt, its what she left behind" added an unexpected twist to the song. This twist introduced a new way of seeing a kind of song that has been written a thousand times. Without that twist, this song would just be another break up song added to the list of the other 10,000 break up songs written every day. This tip is key! This idea of putting a new twist to your songs will have you learning how to become a singer while cutting in line ahead of all of the other average amateur "songwriters." After you complete step one and develop your singing voice, you will now have the tools to get your voice heard as an artist that knows how to move an audience. Now that you know how to become a songwriter by adding a new way of seeing the same old thing, lets take it one step further and teach you how to write a song that your fans can put themselves in.

Which of the following set of lyrics leaves the listener with more power of imagination and story:

A) I can hear her car, she's driving down the road
But something doesn't feel right as she's getting close
She gets out, and by the way that she is walking
I can tell theres not gonna be a lot of talking
This is the end of us
B) I can hear the truck tires coming up the gravel road
Its not like her to drive that slow, nothing on the radio
Footsteps on the front porch, I hear my doorbell
She usually comes right in, now I can tell...
Here comes goodbye

Which set of lyrics do you feel has more story and room for imagination? Lyrics "A" or "B?" If you say lyrics "B" are better then you are right, those are the lyrics to the hit song "Here Comes Goodbye" by the icon country group Rascal Flatts. By introducing some details you give the listener some room to actually picture the story in their head which allows them to put themselves in the story; they can see it! If you can recognize the important difference between those two sets of lyrics then you are going to become a singer that knows how to write songs that stick! You just passed your validation test, so where do you go from here? If you want to learn how to write the perfect song as you become a singer then I have the perfect resource for your songwriting development.

Morgan Cryar's Strong Songwriting is an ebook written by a professional songwriter who shares all of his secrets of how to strike gold with your songs. The methods and tips he shares in his book will literally allow you to cut in line ahead of 90% of other amateur singers and songwriters. You will learn how to catch the eye of music executives and turn the heads of your audience while keeping their full attention until your song is over. You will learn all of the songwriting mistakes made by beginners which results in people turning their song off before it is even halfway through. Morgan's ebook is the secret recipe to songwriting success. His songwriting blueprint will teach you how to become a singer songwriter that people will be craving to hear over and over again. After completing his online course you will know how to write songs that stick!

More information and resources for songwriters can be found at The Songwriter's Guild of America.

How to create an image as an artist.

The next step involved with how to become a singer is creating an image for yourself as a singer, musician, band, etc. First, think of your favorite singer and imagine what kind of songs you would expect to hear from them. You should know exactly what kinds of songs to expect from them right? That is because of their image (how they are perceived and thought about). For example, Katy Perry is a fun and scandalous party girl who sings pop music. Tim McGraw is a country man who at the same time knows how to treat a woman right. "Insert singer here" is a princess, "insert singer here" is a tough guy, etc. Singers are associated with the music they play, and the music they play is based on their image. If you want to know how to become a singer then you will eventually need to know how to create your image. One very important thing to note is that it is favorable to create a unique image. Don't just try to imitate your favorite singer. For example, if you are a country singer then there is already a Tim McGraw and Keith Urban. It is perfectly alright to blend various artists together in order to create your own image, but do your best to avoid being a copycat. Be original, don't try to be Mariah Carey or Celine Dion. Instead, be you! A quick example of this concept is the hit show American Idol. There was an American Idol contestant named Scotty who sounded like a duplicate of the country star Josh Turner. Sure that was really cool, but there is already a Josh Turner! Yes, Scotty is a good singer and he did go on to win his season, but my advice to him would be to create a unique image for himself. Don't try to become a singer that already exists. There is no need for two Josh Turner's, one is just fine.

As of right now, nobody knows who you are (or maybe they do). If you want to become a singer then you have to let people know that you exist. Since nobody currently knows who you are, you have to show them. To do this, you must write songs and compose music that shows who you are as a person and as an artist. After you create your image and become established as an artist there will actually be songwriters out there that will write songs for you. I'm sure most of you already know this, but a lot of famous singers do not write their own songs. However, in order to get discovered you either have to purchase the rights to a song written by somebody else (and fits your style of course) or else you have to write your own. Writing your own lyrics is the best way to go because not only is it free but you don't have to worry about any copyright laws or paperwork (plus you get the satisfaction of using your own lyrics). So this section of how to become a singer is fairly straight forward and easy to grasp. Know who you are and who you want to be, and create music that reflects your image. The rest will follow you as you become more well known.

One tip to remember on your journey to become a singer is that you will be a product. Your music will be on the shelves being sold as a product and you must therefore establish your own identity or "brand" which in this case is your image as an artist.

How to build a singer or band website.

The next step of how to become a singer is to establish your online presence. Everybody uses the internet these days since it is such a powerful tool for mass communication, and all organizations that have a major physical presence will also have an online presence. Having an online promotional page or website will allow people from all over the world to discover you; people that would never know you ever existed if they didn't have the internet.

First of all, if you are not very technology saavy, then the simplest way to become a singer with an online presence is to create a band page on Facebook, Myspace, or whatever next major social networking phenomenon might surface in the coming years. Social networking sites that allow band pages and music uploads are very good choices since they come with plenty of ways to interact with your friends and fans with comments, announcements, etc. However, since you must obey the rules and limitations of the website, you may not be able to accomplish everything you wish to accomplish. If you advance pretty far as you learn how to become a singer, and you get to the point where you have a lot of fans, then you may want to look into building a real website such as "" in order to take complete control over your internet presence.

To acquire a website, all you need is a credit card and about $5-10 per year! Simply choose a web hosting service such as GoDaddy, 1&1 Web Hosting, or any other web host of your choice. The following information gets very technical, so I am going to keep it extremely abstract and basic. If you choose to take this route then you will need to search online for all of the following information. If you really want to learn how to become a singer then being able to market yourself with a website is a HUGE advantage. So listen up. Get and HTML editor and search online for free HTML website layouts/templates. Find a layout or template that you like and open it in your HTML editor. Edit the information however you want to by adding a biography, links to stuff about you, upload your song demos, etc. Then find a free FTP client for FTP access to the server hosted by your web hosting company so you can upload your pages to the web server. Then you are done. However, that is an extremely simplified version of the entire process. This is a guide based on how to become a singer so I don't have the freedom to write a full page on technical assistance for website building, but all of that information can be found all over the internet. Go search!

How to grow your fan base.

This is one of the most important parts of how to become a singer. No matter how good you are, nobody will ever discover you are if you don't market yourself and grow your fan base. Music executives want to know that the singer they are going to sign to a record deal has already had some success because it makes them feel more confident in their investment. It would be a hard pill to swallow for a record label to sign a talented singer with no fans. If you do not yet have any fans then why would a record label want to expose themselves to risk? With a fan base you will have the proof necessary to claim that your music is in demand and people want o purchase it and attend concerts. If you are a talented singer, write good songs, and can present yourself then you will have no problem growing your fan base on your quest to become a singer.

Social media is obviously one of the best current ways to get your music out to people who otherwise would never realize you even exist. As you will see in the next section, live performances are another great way to acquire fans, but live performances are limited to geographic location as well as the amount of people in the venue. These two shortcomings of live performances makes the internet a very powerful tool. You can be heard from an endless supply of people stretched out across an unlimited distance from you. However, as you learn more about how to become a singer you will realize you are going to have to perform in front of live audiences, and that will be your chance to be up close and personal with real people. This is your chance to make a deep connection with the audience and turn your listeners into life long fans.

Starting off, you will just have to perform where ever you can. People may not know you yet, so don't expect venues to put themselves at risk of losing business by letting an unknown singer with no experience put on an uneventful performance. You may have to start by playing at less popular places to gain a little experience and get used to performing in front of small crowds before you move on to bigger prey. If you put on a good show at a venue then management will be more than happy to invite you back; this is what you want! You want to establish a reputation around town and build contacts for your shows. You might have to start small, but as you do more live performances your reputation will grow along with the number of fans that want to see you play. If you have music that people enjoy then you will soon be performing every weekend and moving your way up the chain to bigger and better venues. You will be on your way to discovery.

Live performances will be your life line for acquiring new fans. If you truly want to learn how to become a singer then you must develop a love for the stage. There is SO much more for a fan to experience at your live show than they would experience just from listening to your songs on CD. When executed properly, a live performance can make a fan never forget you. They will be yours forever.

Live performance is actually a whole art on its own. If you have ever attended a live performance, speech, presentation, or anything that involves someone in the spotlight engaging with an audience then you should know that there are some people who have authority on stage and demand attention with their rich character, and then there are some people who fall short on stage and lack the enthusiasm and character necessary to provide a positive experience. The secrets of how to control an audience, draw them in to you, and completely captivate them is actually a well documented art with many methods and techniques that you can actually learn how to execute while performing. You will learn how to become a singer that shows authority on stage and leaves audiences with memories that will last forever. They will spend their hard earned money to reward you for the experience whether it is through ticket sales or Mp3 downloads.

So how do you learn how to execute a memorable performance that will provide you with a seal of approval in the hearts of all of your fans as well as music executives in the music business? Tom Jackson, a professional live performance coach who has worked with many famous artists and even gone on tour with them to direct performances, has documented his teachings on to DVD's so that singers all over the world can learn his secret recipe for success. He provides over 12 hours of live performance coaching tips and secrets in his DVD program All Roads Lead To The Stage (scroll down after clicking link). After learning from Tom's years of professional work in the music business you will know how to create a vision for your live performances, demand authority on stage, make everlasting memories for all of your fans, and how to make a living in the music industry. You can learn from the best in the business who will show you how to become a singer that your audience will never forget.

One last word of advice for singers wanting to move to an entertainment driven city such as Los Angeles (Hollywood), New York, or Nashville. There will be countless amounts of opportunities for singers to get out and perform at places all around town packed with people that live off of the source of entertainment that you will be feeding to them. Not to mention, music executives from major record labels may be hanging around. There are plenty of hot spots in these cities. One example is a venue in Nashville called The Bluebird Cafe which has been the discovery site for artists as famous as Garth Brooks. That is a Country Music and Songwriters Hall of Fame candidate who was discovered in the same way as we are telling you right this very minute. So if you do decide to move to a music city then yes you will have a lot more opportunities to get out and perform, and possible get noticed by someone who matters.

How to sell your music on iTunes.

Independent singers have never had as much selling power as they do today. Record labels will still have a reasonable amount of control over the music business, however, the music industry is definitely changing. In previous era's, when we actually went to the store to purchase CD albums, it would have been nearly impossible for an independent artist to get their CD on the shelves of Target, Best Buy, or whatever mainstream retail store or corporation you purchased CD's from. Only record labels with millions of dollars for marketing and business relationships could work their way into those kind of markets. Back then you couldn't become a singer headlined in the music section of every retail store across the country unless you had the support of a record label with a huge budget. However, things are changing.

What is the number one method of purchasing music in today's society? The internet.

When CD sales relied on selling hard copies off store shelves, guess how much that would cost? The materials and packaging, etc can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars depending upon the quality and quantity. Guess how much it will cost to sell that same album in digital form via iTunes? Almost nothing. There will be no material costs, and there will be no production/packaging costs to make thousands of CD copies. The only thing you must do is simply make ONE copy of the song and that ONE copy can generate MILLIONS of sales. If we were still living in the obsolete music business then it would take millions of copies to produce a million sales. See how that works? After learning how to get your music on iTunes you will have an equivalent amount of product on the "digital shelves" as any other famous singer in the world. This opportunity eliminates your dependance on a record label to fund the massive production costs of getting your album into every retail store across the nation. Sound promising? Lets get into more detail about how to become a singer that can experience success before signing with a record label.

You, as an individual, can now upload your music to the same exact online database that record labels are uploading their famous artists to. If you were to compare this ability to the music business of previous generations, then this would be the equivalent of getting your CD on the shelves of a retail store right next to your favorite singer. There is no longer limited space at music retailers due to the development of internet based music distribution. Online music retailers now have an unlimited amount of "shelf space" for every singer in the world. You can now become a singer selling your CD right next to famous singers including your favorite artist (figuratively speaking). This music business revolution dilutes the power of massive record labels while empowering independent artists and singers like yourself. Of course record labels will always have a gigantic amount of power over independent singers due to their large budget and contact lists, but this is still great news for people wanting to learn how to become a singer in today's music industry.

I worked with an individual who wanted to know how to become a singer just like all of you reading this right now. I didn't have to help him, because as I spoke with him he said he had already completed all of the steps outlined in this blueprint for success. He already trained his voice, learned how to write great songs, created an image for himself, had a website and social network page, had a growing fan base as he performed live around his hometown, and last but not least he was already making profits off of his song downloads after uploading his music and allowing his fans to purchase his music on iTunes. This is when I really realized that I really did hold the secret recipe for how to become a singer. It really does work when executed properly; step by step (and of course you must be good at what you do). He continued with all of the information and tips provided here, and he ended up getting recognition from networks such as MTV to ask permission to use his music in the background of MTV shows such as Laguna Beach, The Hills, and Next. His personal success while using his own personal budget and marketing power caught the attention of FOX news who interviewed him about how he accomplished what he did without a record label. This is proof that this "How To Become A Singer" guide holds the secret blueprint for striking gold in the music industry. He is now in Los Angeles meeting with various record label executives trying to negotiate a record contract. His success using these steps is a great example of how to become a singer. So lets get straight to the point.

How to get your music on iTunes!

Introducing TuneCore. Tunecore is a music and video distribution service that gives power to independent singers such as yourself. By signing up for an account with Tunecore you will gain access to professional music distribution websites and online music vendors such as iTunes, Amazon Mp3, etc. This means that your music will be available for download to the entire world. You can sell your music to anybody in the world and keep all of the profits for yourself. This is big news! Before now, the only way you could have done this would be to sign a record contract with a large record label and have to give up 80-90% of the profits to your record label in order to pay for all of the marketing, packaging, management, etc as well as share some of the left overs. Not anymore - you are in control. You can now become a singer with music available to sell to the entire world, and you can do it from home.

One last tip on how to become a singer.

Once you have completed all of the above steps, it is time to take your career to the next level. This means going mainstream and getting your voice and/or songs heard on the radio! What if you wrote a really good song, but your performance of the song just wasn't quite radio-ready yet? What if you could sell your song to a famous singer? What if you could sell your songs to a major record label so that your favorite singer could sing your song? Would you do that?

You can. is the world's leading independent A&R company in the music business. They are the middle man between you and a major record label. Taxi will take your song and contact major record labels so they can listen to your music (since a major record label will never take the time to listen to any random person trying to sell a song). The record labels may want to purchase your song so that one of their famous singers could sing it. Record labels even contact TAXI to ask them if they have any user-submitted songs for sale. This means you can essentially sell your songs to a major record label even if you aren't the world's best singer. You can do this as you learn how to become a singer with your own career. All you have to do is produce a version of your song that is good enough so that a famous singer can take it and polish it up a little to make it a masterpiece. Many professional songwriters do this. They will write a song, record a mediocre version of the song, sell it to a famous singer, and then that singer will take the mediocre version of the song and turn it into a #1 hit! This is a great option for those of you learning how to become a singer because if you can't become a famous singer then you can still sell your songs to famous singers and therefore hear your songs on the radio sang by your favorite artist.

Additional information and resources for becoming a singer can be found at SESAC, Broadcast Music Inc (BMI), and American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

Your options are out there, and you will see success in one way or another by correctly following and completing all of the steps we have provided to you.

So there you have it. The most complete and information packed guide on how to become a singer that is currently available online. By accurately following this guideline you will increase your chances of striking gold in the music business. This truly is the secret recipe and blueprint for successfully becoming a singer.

Don't forget to bookmark this page, and continue browsing through all of the other information about how to become a singer provided to you here at "Can Anybody Sing." We wish you the best of luck, and never give up! With enough motivation and a drive to succeed, anybody can do it.